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How to Use WordPress WYSIWYG Editor

After learning about WordPress Dashboard features and the difference between WordPress Posts vs Pages, now i am going to discuss how to use WordPress WSYIWYG editor, which is the main tool which you will use to write and add content to your website, be it in the form of a post or a blog. You will invaribly be using WordPress WYSIWYG editor tool.

When you will click on New>Post from top bar or Posta>Add New from the side menu bar, the WordPress editor will open. You can also launch WordPress editor by clicking New>Page or Pages>Add New links. Whatever way you open it, the following WordPress WYSIWYG editor window shall open:

wordpress wysiwyg editor


The following options are available for formatting the post or page you will writ.

  • You can bold, italize or strikethrough selected text you will type
  • The buttons for creating bulleted lists or numbered lists are available
  • In order to highlight text, you can use the blockquote option and the text will look like this
  • this text is in blockquote

  • Text can be aligned in three ways: right aligned, left aligned and center aligned.
  • Buttons for inserting link in text or removing link in text are provided
  • It is also possible to add “read more” option and the text appearing above that will appear in the text on main page or categories page for that post as excerpt
  • And finally there is a kitchen sink button which will reveal a second line of buttons for even more options as given below:

wordpress editor -2


  • You can choose headline styles for example Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3 etc.
  • Text can be underlined from the U option
  • Text can be fully aligned
  • You can change the text color from the button available on the second line of options on WordPress WYSIWYG editor
  • And the buttons for adding special character or use the tab buttons to position text

This is a brief introduction of WordPress editor and we will learn to use the most used options in detail in the coming tutorials.

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