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5 Best WordPress Social Sharing Plugins

It is almost impossible to make your website successful without people sharing it on their social profiles. Social sharing not only brings traffic to your website but it also means your website gets social proof which also helps in search engine optimization. When you are running a WordPress website, you will see a lot of WordPress social sharing plugins in the directory. However, it becomes difficult to settle for a choice.

I have included below 4 free plugins and one paid social sharing plugin. Though I absolutely recommend that you use the paid one because it is far superior in features to every other similar plugin whether paid or free. I will start with the free social sharing plugins first and then will talk about the paid one that I absolutely recommend.

  1. AddtoAny


This is one of the oldest such service out there. It has probably the biggest number of sharing buttons but this is hardly an advantage because you are likely to get more shares with less buttons. You can customize the font sizes and where you want to place the buttons.

2. Custom Share Buttons


If you like your sharing buttons to be totally non-intrusive then you may like this wordpress social sharing plugin. You get full control over where this sidebar buttons appear.

3. WP Social Sharing

wp social sharing

With this plugin you can easily add beautiful looking buttons of top 6 social networks. It support likes of?Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. You can control where these buttons appear on your blog. You can also customize the text of these buttons.

4. Shareaholic


This is one of the most popular WordPress plugins when it comes to social sharing. The feel and look of the buttons is more beautiful than the native buttons. The plugin does have some advertisement features, which I personally do not like. Other than that, it is the best free plugin.

5. Monarch

monarch social sharing wordpress plugin

This is my favorite plugin that I told you about. It is absolutely the best social sharing WordPress plugin because of the following reasons:

  • Allows you to display your count of shares after a certain number which saves ?you from negative social proof.
  • Social icons can be added at multiple places like sidebars, above content, floating etc.
  • Allows you to monitor social shares and engagement
  • Supports all popular social networks
  • Flyin and Popover options to dramatically increase shares

Out of all the above five plugins, Monarch stands out like a true monarch. You will also love Monarch social sharing WordPress plugin.

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