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5 Basic WordPress Security Plugins to Secure Your Site

WordPress is very popular. Almost a quarter of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress. And because of this popularity it is also a common target of hackers. The software itself has evolved a lot over the years and is quite robust against basic hacking. But still it is always best to secure your wordpress against all possible breaches because if a website gets hacked, it means a lot of damage to reputation, loss of revenue and a lot of wasted hours. And if you do not have backup of WordPress site, then ?you are permanently screwed.

Though WordPress is a software and it can be secured by making changes to the software code, but there are many WordPress secruity plguins which can do the job without you changing any code. By installing these WordPress plugins, you can easily secure your WordPress site from known and most WordPress attacks. Here is a list of WordPress Security plugins that you may consider installing on your website. ( Please consider the benefits and ease of use of each and do not install all of these. Mostly one but in certain cases at maximum two will suffice.)

WordPress Firewall

This is a WordPress security plugin which is quite old and has not been updated for many years. But it still does its work. It is best for blocking Wordrpess SQL injection attacks. It also guards your website against directory traversal attacks. Also saves your website from uploads of malicious file upload by hackers. This must be your plugin of choice for wordpress security. It is sometimes incompatible with certain image uploads etc. In that case, you can disable it, do your job and re-enable it to keep secure your website.

Wordfence Security

This is the number one in general purpose WordPress Security plugins. It has a lot of features. The best of this is that it blocks known IPs that are in its list and also if another site using Wordfence blocks a malicious user, your site automatically gets protected. It also scans your website and lets you know if there are any known security vulnerabilities on your site, or if you website has already been compromised.

iThemes Security

This used to be my WordPress plugin for security but lately it has been locking me out of my website quite often. One of the things that irritates me is that it blocks the username which means you are locked out of your own website if hackers try with valid user names. One feature that is really good is that it can hide your backend and also it can rename your WordPress database table structure. It also guards against the most widedly used attacks. Another useful feature is that it can take automatic database backups of your WordPress site.

Sucuri Security

Sucuri is the number one WordPress security service but they charge for most of their services. You can use the basic features to monitor your website and in case you need to clean your website, you can engage their paid services.

Acunetix Secure WordPress

This is the last in our list of WordPress security plugins. It is also from the famous website security service named Acunetix. It scans WordPress sites for security vulnerabilities and suggest corrective actions related to passwords, file permissions, database and version hiding. There are also many other basic level security features available in this WordPress plugin.

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