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Creating First WordPress Post

After having learned how to use WordPress dashboard and WordPress editor, it is now time to learn how to create your first WordPress post.

When you will click on Posts>Add New from the left side menu, the WordPress editor will open from where you can create your wordpress post. In the field just below Add New Post on this window, you will add the title of your post. And the in the whitespace below the WordPress editor buttons, you will write the main content of your post. You will make use of the above buttons to format your post. Just below the title field, you will see that WordPress automatically has created permalink. We will learn in a separate article about how to set up SEO friendly WordPress permalinks.



From the Add Media button, you can add pictures to your post after uploading these. You can see that it has two tabs: Visual and Text. By default, Visual version is open which is the WYSIWYG editor. Whereas if you want to write and create your post in HTML content, then you can click on the Text tab.

On the right side bar under the Publish headings, different options related to publishing of the post are available. You can save the post as a draft if you have still to write more or add other elements to the WordPress post. You can click Preview, and the post will open in a new window so that you can see a preview of the post what it will look like after publishing.

The status will remain Draft unless you have hit the Publish button. You can further control the visibility of the WordPress post. By default it is public but you can also set a password on it and only persons with the password will be able to access it. From here you can also make it a sticky post on the front page of your blog. it is also possible to publish the post immediately or you may schedule it to be published at a later time.



By default the posts will be assigned to the ‘Uncategorized’ category. However, you may add your own categories from here and as well as from Posts>Categories from the left side menu. You can also set comma separate tags for the post. And if you have added an image to your post, then you can set a featured image which will show as thumbnail on Home Page or categories pages. You will also note that the text area in which you will write WordPress post is auto-re-sizing and it will keep expanding as you write more content.

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