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Understanding WordPress Permalinks Structure for SEO

In our previous tutorial we studied what are different WordPress settings and how to use these to customize your website. Though we touched the Permalinks part in that tutorial but we are going to discuss it in length in this article.

WordPress Permalinks is an area which seems quite complex for the WordPress beginners. However, it is one of the most important areas as far as improving the SEO friendliness of your WordPress blog URLs.

By default your WordPress website will have URLs like this: (the number after = sign changes with each post).



However, as you can see above, WordPress offers different Permalinks structures. Most SEO experts agree that you should use the Post Name structure. However, there are others who recommend that you should use category as well before the post name. Some experts believe that by using Category before the Post Name, you slow down your WordPress website, if you are running a big website. They recommend that to speed up, it is always better if you use a numeric before the Post Name. Therefore, you may like to try ‘year’ variable?before the ‘postname’ variable in the custom link structure.


Whichever route you go, one thing is certain that you can not go with the default WordPress Permalinks because these are against SEO recommendations because Google and other search engines take into account the keywords used in the URL of a web page for deciding its ranking in the search engine results pages.

For normal websites, you will need to write different Rewrite Rules but WordPress is such a user friendly system that it provides this SEO friendly permalinks options out of the box without the user required to write even a single line of PHP code.

So if you still have not changed WordPress permalinks to SEO friendly ones for your website, then do it right now and start seeing the SEO benefits very soon.

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