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WordPress Pages vs Posts Differences – Which is Better

After you have got to know about Wordprss dashboard and how to use it, we are now covering an important topic which is ‘what is the difference between WordPress pages and posts’. This is a question that intrigues the minds of WordPress users because both WordPress pages as well as posts can be used to add content to your blog. So which should be the preferred option? First we will know the details about each option and then we will try to focus on the key difference and finally which should be the option of choice.

WordPress Posts


WordPress post is the most widely used method of adding content to your WordPress site. This can be done by either clicking on New>Post from the top bar or from the Posts>Add New from the left side menu of the WordPress dashboard. Here are the key characteristics of WordPress Posts:

  • Most used for the blog aspects and are generally newsy and informational updates in nature.
  • WordPress posts are created and saved by WordPress in chronological order and it is possible to categorize, tag and archive these posts.
  • Wordprss RSS feed consists of wordpress posts so subscribers to RSS feed of a wordpress blog get these posts in their feed
  • These make up the true dynamic content on your website and these keep changing frequently

WordPress Pages


This is the second method of adding content to WordPress blog. You can do this by going to New>Page from the top menu bar or Pages>Add New from the side menu bar. The key benefits of WordPress pages are given below:

  • Pages are mostly used for static content or information that is timeless in spirit for example, Privacy Policy, Contact Us pages etc.
  • WordPress pages are not organized by date and neither they are assigned any categories or tags which is the key Wordoress pages vs posts difference.
  • These may have their own hierarchy wherein sub pages come under main page called ‘parent page’.
  • Since WordPress pages are static in nature, therefore, these do not form part of the RSS feed and do not carry a date or time stamp either

WordPress Pages vs Posts

In brief, for writing updated content and informational content for your blog, you should use WordPress posts while for writing time-insensitive information, you should use WordPress pages. Generally, posts are preferred for the short term by Google because of the timeliness factor.


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