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What Does WordPress Cost? Is it Entirely Free?

We have written a post about why WordPress is free? However, while WordPress software is itself free – totally free, you still some cost for running a website based on WordPress. This might be WordPress cost but in reality it is the cost which is not something that WordPress charges.

There are some mandatory WordPress costs as well as some option costs. As the name suggests, you will have to spend money on mandatory costs while the optional costs are your own choice.

The major WordPress cost is the hosting cost. In order to install WordPress, you will need web hosting. It is a cost which you can not avoid if you want to run a website using WordPress. This cost can range from $3 per month to hundreds of dollars per month. The cheapest WordPress hosting is shared hosting. While on the other hand you can premium web hosting in the form of managed WordPress hosting which will cost a lot more.

Another WordPress cost, which is optional, is buying a premium WordPress theme. If you want your website to look professional, then you should invest in a professional WordPress theme that suits topic of your website. There are many wordpress theme providers. You can buy either from theme clubs like MyThemeShop.com or ElegantThemes.com. Or you can buy individual theme like Thesis. It all depends on your design requirements. You can easily buy a professional WordPress Theme between $40 to $100.

You can also like to buy some essential WordPress plugins. Two types of plugins you must give a thought to. One is a reliable Wrodpress backup plugin, which will automate the process of backing up your website. And the other one is a WordPress subscription plugin. Again for the backup I will recommend a plugin named My WP Backup plugin and for optin I will recommend that you ?get your hands at Bloom WordPress plugin. Both these plugins are cheap and you should get if you are serious about creating a successful website.

So WordPress cost is not exorbitant even with the premium theme, hosting and other essential plugins when you consider that you will need to spend thousands of dollars if you develop a website with the help of a web designer.

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