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WordPress Categories Vs Tags and How to Use Each

After learning how to edit an existing wordpress, today we are going to touch a new theme. WordPress gives two main ways for organizing the content. In order to group your content for easier navigation and location, you can use WordPress categories and tags. And it can get quite confusing to know the difference between wordpress categories and tags. Which one should be preferred and why?

Though both wordpress categories and tags could be used for grouping and organizing content on your website, the basic differences are two:

  • Categorie are more broader in nature and every wordpress post has to be assigned a category. Therefore, using a category for every post is mandatory. Though pages can be without any category because they have their own hierarchical structure.
  • Tags are more specific in nature and are optional. They are used to further group the posts at a more detailed level.
  • Categories have a hierarchical structure but tags exist on their own and there are no hierarchies between different tags because they exist on their own.

Which is better? Categories or Tags

As i said earlier, you will have to use categories because your posts will be organized mainly based on categories. However, there are different views on the use of tags. Some website owners are not in favor of using tags because of the duplicate content penalties from Google. Or also because these clutter up the website organization in no time if you ?keep these using indiscriminately.

How to use WordPress Categories

In order to add categories and edit the existing wordpress categories you go to Posts>Categories from the left side menu. From here you can add a new category, view existing categories and edit or delete the already added categories.

wordpress categories and tags


Adding a new wordpress category:


add new category


Editing a wordpress cateogry

categories listed


Similarly you can manage WordPress tags from Posts>Tags menu. And you can then add new tags or edit existing tags.

adding tags


You can then assign tags to a post from the field shown below. You can also add a new tag right from this field too in the right side bar on the wordpress post compose window.

post tags

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