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Why You Should Always Upgrade WordPress to Latest Release

One of the most critical factors in keeping WordPress secure from hackers is upgrading WordPress to the latest release. Many people are shy of upgrading WordPress because of the fear that it might break their website or their plugins. However, it is extremely vital that you take this step because this one step in time will save you nine in the future. WordPress Blog compares upgrading to vitamin intake whereas fixing a hacked wordpress site is no less than open heart surgery.

Hackers are always trying to take advantage of outdated WordPress installations because of the secruity holes that have been addressed in the updates. And thousands of WordPress sites fall victim to hackers and one of the major contributing factor is dated WordPress version. The creators of WordPress boldly state that the only thing can surely keep your WordPress blog safe from hackers today and in future is regular updates.

Upgrading WordPress is a known quantity of work. And this is essentially a one click process now.

How Do You Update WordPress?

Before proceeding to update your WordPress, you should ensure that you have backed up your latest posts database and content directories. There are many plugins that help you take WordPress backups. Personally I have found BackWPup quite useful because it backs up WordPress sites without any hassle and there are many options to store your backups. Always download the backups to your own computer too. Keeping these on the server does not offer enough protection in case of an issue with the server itself.

Once you are sure you have taken the latest backup, then look for the notice on the WordPress Admin dashboard if an update is available. Go to Dashboard>Updates link from the left side on the WordPress admin menu. You can also do this by going directly to this link: http://fastwplearning.com/wp-admin/update-core.php

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If the WordPress update will be available, you will see that and then you can upgrade WordPress with one click. All your posts, data and other options will remain the same even after the upgrade unless something goes wrong during the upgrade, the chances of which are minimal. And for such an eventuality, you have already taken your WordPress backup which you can restore, which we will discuss in another post. You can also read our detailed step by step tutorial on upgrading WordPress.


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