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Why is WordPress Free to Use

WordPress powers around 25 percent of the world’s websites on internet and one of the major appealing factor is that WordPress is free. Since it is free to use, people save a lot of money which they will otherwise spend on getting high charging web site designers to design websites. Though this is the not the only driving factor, but this free WordPress is definitely one of the major attractions.

Why is WordPress Free?

So the question every new beginner asks is: why is wordpress free? It is a powerful and very flexible website builder but still without a price tag.

In order to understand the answer, we first need to know a little about open source software movement. This movement emerged after software users were convinced that software is unfairly priced by the commercial companies in general. They launched this open source software movement in which everyone was free to contribute towards creating a software and maintaining it. And since the open source software is developed and maintained by volunteers, therefore, they do not charge any price tag on this type of software.

The open source software movement grew strong with the passage of time and it branched into every category of software development. We have open source operating system in the form of Linux, open source editing tools, open source alternatives for Microsoft office. In fact, there is an open source software for every software category.

Keeping in line with the open source spirit, a software for web development was also developed by the open source community and it was named WordPress. And like all open source software, it was released with the GPL license with no price tag. You are free to use it, modify it, distribute it and the general copyright of the software belongs to community in general.

The short answer to the question of why is WordPress free is that since it is not owned by a single company or an individual, therefore, it is not sold as a product. However, there are certain costs of using WordPress which are unrelated to the software itself. Those costs like web hosting and domain names are the costs which you have to spend in any case whether you develop your website by using free WordPress or by getting it developed by paying web developers.

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