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Which Blogging Platform is Best for Starting Blog

blogging platformYou must have heard the success a lot of people have had with blogging for money. And you also want to emulate their success by starting your own blog. But the choice of different blogging platforms might get confusing for beginners. In this article, we are going to briefly survey different blogging platforms that are available.


For beginners this is an excellent start. You get a blog of your own within a few minutes on blogger. But beginners may find it a bit difficult to assign own domain name on blogger and without that, it looks quite unprofessional. And customization options are also extremely limited. You basically have to live with whatever blogger provides with very little room for adding additional functionalities. It has a 1GB storage limit in place.


This is another option that is considered when starting a blog alongside Blogger. There are few pre-installed plugins and many different themes are also available. But when compared with WordPress.org, the customization options are very very limited. There is a 3GB storage limit in place too.


It is our personal favorite and of course favorite of the majority of successful bloggers. The software itself is without any price, but you will need to buy a domain name and also pay a small price for buying a hosting package. However, with thousands of free and premium WordPress themes and more than 20,000 plugins, the customization options available with WordPress.org are endless. And you can also get support of a large WordPress.org users community.


This has a price tag of around $9 per month but with this price, you get unlimited storage and quite a large number of themes from which you can choose. And by paying a few more dollars every month, you are allowed to create as many number of blogs as you want.

Movable Type

This is a self hosted blogging platform which has many advantages of its own. There are many themes and you can also use your own domain which makes it quite a good option for use on business blogs. The licensing costs are quite high if you want to use the premium features.


With Wix blogging platform you can start free and switch to premium options later on. Absolutely no programming or coding knowledge is required. With free option, storage is quite limited but you can increase it by upgrading your plan.


Tumblr has a huge fan following. It comes with unlimited storage even with the free option. And you get to choose from a large number of free Tumblr themes. It is an excellent blogging platform for personal blogs but for business websites, we will recommend WordPress.org any day.

SBI Website

This is a costly option but with cost comes power. It can hardly be called the most user friendly blogging option there but it can be a good choice for ebusinesses.

So by comparison of the above blogging platform, the winner comes to be self hosted WordPress blog. You need to pay a little amount for hosting but there are so many benefits associated with it. You get access to your site code for making any kind of customization. For those that are not comfortable with code, you can customize your site with thousands of wordpress themes, plugins and theme options.

If you are now ready to build your on blog on WordPress.org, you can easily learn how to start a blog.

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