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When You Should Change WordPress Hosting

The importance of hosting for your WordPress website can hardly be overemphasized. Even with the best of content and powerful backlinks, if your hosting is not good enough, you can not expect to go very far with your website. Therefore it is important that you choose your host very carefully. And there are clear signs when you need to change your hosting immediately to save your website. Some of these signs are discussed below.

If your pages are taking forever to load and the page load speed is hardly anything to be proud of then you should change your wordpress hosting because no one likes slow loading website. It indicates that either your web host is unable to manage the server or it is undergoing DDoS attack. If this happens very frequently, then there is no option left but to change hosting.

If your site has become very popular and you are still on shared hosting, then it might be time to shift to a dedicated server or a VPS because you will be holding your business back if you do not let your hosting grow as your website also grows. If it becomes popular, then you should invest in enterprise grade managed WordPress hosting to have a peace of mind.

If you have tried to contact your web hosting support for some issues, and the response has been unfriendly and unprofessional, then it is time to change your wordpress hosting because in case of emergency, they might not be around at all. Take their poor customer service as an indicator to change.

If your web host has suspended your site for any reason, it simply means that your website is not welcome there or you and the host are not compatible with each other. Time to move.

Frequent downtimes or a very long downtime indicate that the host is not reliable any more and you should not trust your website with a host that is down frequently because that means a loss of business and trust among your visitors. You should start looking for a new host.

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