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What Are WordPress Hosting Requirements

wordpress hosting requirementsWordPress does not need any special hosting. It can run on most hosting platforms available. But still people do ask questions about what are WordPress hosting requirements?

Generally speaking WordPress is compatible with almost all hosting companies. It is a very lightweight software and does not require much of CPU or RAM power.All it requires is a database and PHP. WordPress has been written in the PHP web scripting language. Therefore, the web server must have PHP installed to run WordPress. Similarly WordPress is a dynamic website solution which means it creates pages on the run using a database. Therefore, it requires an open source database called MySQL. Both these softwares (PHP and MySQL) are open source and are already installed on most hosting companies.

WordPress.org, the official website for self hosted WordPress, keeps an updated list of WordPress hosting requirements. The list is not very long because it lists just the above two things with the version numbers. Currently it lists the following WordPress hosting requirements:

  • PHP version 5.2.4 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater

Therefore, if your webs hosting supports the above two softwares, then it is ready to install WordPress on it. In addition to the above, there needs to be a web server to serve your pages. Two popular web servers that WordPress supports are Apache and Nginx. Again either of these is already available as a basic service on any hosting.

In order to make things even simpler, the web hosting companies provide one click WordPress installation software. Almost all popular web hosting companies offer this option. In fact we will recommend that you buy web hosting for your blog from a hosting company that does provide one click installation. There are different one click installation softwares in the market. Fantastico is one good option. We particularly like it also because it offers an easy to use backup feature.


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