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How to Update WordPress With Single Click

In our previous tutorial we learned?details about WordPress permalinks structure and which structure is best for your site’s SEO. Now in this tutorial we are going to learn how to update WordPress.

WordPress is an evolving software and the team behind WordPress keeps releasing newer versions to provide new features, to address security issues and to fix bugs. Therefore, whenever a new version of WordPress is released it is recommended that you upgrade your website to latest release of WordPress to keep your website secure and bug free.

You will receive a notification about a new release of WordPress in the top left side of the menu in your WordPress dashboard. Click on Dashboard>Updates and you will see all the updates that are available which include WordPress core updates, Plugin Updates and Theme updates.



In case your WordPress needs an update, you will see a notification like this below.



Click on Please Update now and you will see the details about different updates available. Updating WordPress is a one click process. All you have to do is to click on Update Now button and the WordPress will start updating at the backend.



You will see the update progress. It will take less than a minute.



Once the WordPress update process is completed, you will be redirected to the confirmation page which will confirm that your WordPress has been updated successfully to the latest release.



Similarly you can update your WordPress Plugins and WordPress themes. It is recommended that you update plugins and themes one by one because bulk-updating may cause some problems.




You must also have the latest back up of your WordPress database and files before you proceed on updating your WordPress core, in case something goes wrong.

Do not be lazy in updating WordPress core because this is what lies at the heart of your website. By running obsolete versions of your WordPress, you are exposing your website to hackers.

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