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Using Different Tools in WordPress

In our previous WordPress tutorial we learned how to add and edit WordPress users. We are fast approaching to the end of our WordPress Basics tutorials. In this one we are going to discuss what different tools are available in WordPress and how to use these tools.

You can see that there are three sub-menus under the menu item Tools at the left side menu.

  • Available tools
  • Import tools
  • Export tools

available tools

When you will click on Available tools, the next screen will show you two built in WordPress tools. The one is called Press it and the other is called Categories and Tags converter. The first one is used for quickly copy/pasting content from anything interesting you are browsing and you want to write about it on your own website. You can also drag/drop?the Press it bookmarklet to the bookmarks bar on your browser.

So when you will see some thing to be copied on your WordPress site while browsing a site, select the text and click on the Press it bookmarklet and it will be added to your WordPress editor and from there you can edit it. WordPress automatically adds source URL. However, be careful while using Press it because of the copyrights issues. Take extra care when copying images from other websites.

using WordPress Tools

And do not use Categories and Tags converter tool in WordPress unless you are sure what you want to achieve it.

WordPress allows import of data from other different blogging platforms and from another WordPress blog too. First you will need to install the import tool for the platform from which you want to transfer data because the import tools are not pre-installed. After this, you can upload the file and import it to your WordPress blog.

import tool


For example, when you will click on WordPress import, it will first install the import tool.

wordpress importer


And by again going to Tools>Import>Wordpress, you can now import the file, which is .xml file in case of WordPress. Click on Uplaod file and import and the data from your other WordPress blog will be seamlessly added to this WordPress site.

upload wordpress import file


And if you want to transfer data from your existing WordPress site for import into another site then you need to use the Export tool. Simply select the extent of data you want to include in the .xml file to be used for export and then click on ‘Download Expert file’.

export tool


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