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Tools for Picking the Best Domain Name For Your Blog

domain name toolA lot depends on picking the right domain name for your WordPress blog. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your domain name should be memorable, snappy and able to communicate the essence of your business or services. There are other factors too which you should keep in mind before picking up a domain name.

Now the question arises that most of the common and not so common names have already been taken by others. So coming up with a domain name is no less a challenge, when we take into account the limited availability of options. In such a situation domain name suggestion tools are of great help. They automate the process of suggesting domain names and also check if the domain name is available for a particular TLD. Given below are 5 tools to pick the best domain name for your blog.


This is the hottest collection of domain names that have expired and have not been renewed by the existing owners for some reason. You can actually get a gem of a domain, if you search hard enough on expireddomains.net. It has expired domains from all tlds.

GoDaddy Domain Auctions

Another great place to pick a great domain name for your blog is looking at the domains available at GoDaddy Domain Auctions. GoDaddy releases the nonrenewed domains for auction. Even the existing owners also offer domains for auction. This is a place full of domains for finding your best domain name.


This is a tool that suggests domain names based on your keywords that you enter in the search box. This allows you to search domains across unknown .tlds too. More than 1700 tlds are available which can be registered at more than 200 domain name registrars via Domainr.


Bustaname helps you in finding the perfect domain name by its intuitive features like word combiner and similar words finder. It also helps you register domain names once you have found your perfect domain name.

Name Mesh

This is an excellent tool which you can use for finding perfect domain name using its 20 generators and many unique features. Different options available include simple top level domains, preserve SEO, mix words, related words and similar words etc.


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