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How to Protect WordPress Posts or Pages With Password

You blog to let the world hear you. But there are all kinds of blogs. Some people start blogging to only share their life with the friends and family and they do not want to publicly post their posts. ?Similarly even when you are writing for general public, there might be occasions when you would want to restrict the visibility of WordPress posts to only a few select people. Or you might want a certain post to be visible to only your editors. WordPress is flexible enough to offer many different solutions. You can password protect your posts or pages in WordPress.

How to Password Protect WordPress Posts and Pages

In this article, we will learn about how to password protect a WordPress post or page. When you are writing a wordpress post or page, you can see that on the right side bar, there is a section called Publish from where you publish wordpress posts. It lets you set the visibility options. Click the Edit button next to Visibility:Public. Here you can make the following selections:

  • You can publish the post as public which is the default and which we mostly do.
  • You can check the box next to “Stick this post to the front page”. This will make this post a sticky post.
  • The third options is relevant for us in this situation and you can check the radio button to password protect the post. After you click it it will ask you to enter the password. When you publish this ?after clicking OK as a password protected post, only those people will be able to view it who have the password that you will share with them.
  • The final option is the make the post private. In this situation, only your WordPress editors and the Administrators will be able to view the post after they are logged-in in their respective roles.

password protecting wordpress post

By using the above visibility options, you can hide a WordPress post or page from public visibility.

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