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Picking a Domain Name for Your Blog

picking a domain nameIt is vital for success of your blog that you give due consideration to picking a domain name for your blog. Because your domain name will be your brand on internet, therefore, it becomes really difficult later to re-brand your website or blog if you make a wrong choice of a domain name at the start. Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of a domain name for your wordpress blog and choose only the best one after due diligence.

Picking a domain name may appear quite a daunting task initially because of different domain options but it can be a very easy thing if you keep the following things in mind before you start researching for a domain name.

Keyword Richness

Choose a domain name that has the keyword included in it. But also keep in mind the users. Do not go for a weird looking domain name just to fit in your ?keywords. Try to include the keyword because it will give you SEO benefit in the search engines. Though the importance of keywords in domain has decreased after recent Google updates, but still it helps in SEO.


Your domain name should be easy to remember and brandable which should be depicting the essence of your website and what it stands for. There are times when unrelated domain names also make big. For example yahoo has a domain name which does not have anything relate dto search engines. So branding aspect should be kept in mind while you are registering your domain name for WordPress blog. It should be easy to remember.

Domain Length

Domain name should not be very lengthy but in the process do not settle for some strange looking domain like rerzre.com because it will be totally unrelated and hard to remember. Though hyphens can be used in the domain name but stay away from these because these give unprofessional look to a domain name and it looks spammy. Double letters like losingweighttips.com should be avoided because you will loose traffic because of typos. Similary stay miles away from using brand names in domain names because of copyright ?claims.

Domain Name Extension

Because almost all attractive and keyword rich domain names under .com extension have been taken, you can choose any other domain extension if you really need to. But .com is the preferred option. Though search engines have said that they give equal importance to all domain names extensions but .com is generally easier to rank in practical experience comparably. But if you are making a website for an organization, you may use .org extension. But for general purpose domain names, pick a .com extension domain.


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