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On-Page SEO Best Practices for WordPress Blogs

Search engine optimization has two types: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. There is a clear difference between the two. On-page SEO is all about tweaking content on your own wordpress blog to rise in the search engine results. The off-page SEO is about building external links to convey to Google the importance of your blog so that the search engines show your content high in the SERP (Search engine ranking pages). In this article we will be talking about best on-page SEO tactics which you can use to optimize your WordPress blog posts.

It might be hard to follow each and every one of these SEO tips in every article but try to make use of as many as possible to optimize your content and increase user engagement which will ultimately lead to higher SEO score in the eyes of search engines.

Best Practices of On-page SEO

  • Try to generally write long posts?of more than 900 words, if the topic requires. Google has a tendency to rank longer articles higher than the rest, especially when it is an informative article. But these need to be rich with high quality content.
  • Select a focus keyword and one article or post should focus on that single keyword or phrase. You may use LSI or related keywords but your main keyword should be repeated with a keyword density of around 1 percent. The keywords, both main keyword and related keywords, should be sprinkled throughout the article naturally. Use a plugin like WordPress YOAST SEO plugin to easily keep track of keyword density and focus keywords.
  • Use the main in the Title of the post and also in the H1 tag
  • Main keyword should be used in one alt tag in the post
  • Use at least one outbound link to a high authority related site
  • Try to use at least three internal links pointing to related articles within your blog. This will increase user engagement and decrease bounce rate on your site.
  • If you are using affiliate links, do not cloak these. However you may use redirects. Try to limit the number of affiliate links to 1 every 300 words.
  • Affiliate links should always have a no-follow tag.
  • Using rich media like video or audio increases user page views and this is liked by Google. So make it a point to use maximum rich media on pages when looking for on-page SEO tips.
  • Use internal links generously. You get SEO benefit even from internal links.

By using all these on-page SEO best practices, you can increase user engagement and increase SEO score of your wordpress blog. Start using these tips today and see your site beating competitors to higher ranking in Goolge.

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