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My WP Backup Pro – WordPress Backup Plugin You Must Have

I have always believed in the importance of backups. I got one of my website got hacked early on many years ago and since then I have believed that having a reliable backup of your website is the number one priority after you have a website in production. Without backups, you might one day wake up and see your all hard work of years evaporated. If you will have backup, you will be able to resume operations by restoring that backup and bringing your website back up in line after some time. Without backups, you are doomed. You business ruined.

And there is no reason to not take backups when there are some excellent WordPress backup plugins now which make it really a clockwork. You can even schedule your backups and sleep peaceful that your website will be backed up at the set time to the destination of your choice.

I personally use My WP Backup Pro plugin from MyThemeShop and have found it perfect for the job because it does its job quick, without fail and has all the options that I need to backup my WordPress site.

The plugin allows you to take either database backups or WordPress file backups. I take complete backups which is a must if you are also uploading files and images to your website. In that case you have to take full backup which includes database as well as files. I personally take full backup every time but the plugin offers differential backup option too which obviously will save some bandwidth. But for most of the sites full backup should be taken because even full backup completes within a minute for most sites. In case of large sites, the plugin allows to split the backup into multiple files.

The best thing about My WP Backup Pro plugin is that it allows so many options to store your backup. Apart from the local copy on your server, it currently supports the following options for storing your backups.

  • You can backup to another FTP server
  • You can email the backup to yourself. But this will not be possible if the backup size is very large in hundreds of megabytes. But for smaller sites, it is a great option.
  • Backup to Dropbox Cloud storage
  • Backup to Gdrive storage
  • You can backup to Amazon S3 storage option
  • You can backup to Amazon Glacier which is cheaper than Amazon S3 but with higher retrieval times.
  • Backup to Microsoft Azure cloud storage
  • You can also backup your WordPress site to Rackspace cloud

Backup files can be zipped and compressed in all popular formats. You also get notifications when you have schedules backups automatically.

I have personally used My WP Backup Pro plugin and can confidently vouch for it. You can keep ignoring backups if you can ignore the following facts:

  • more than 30,000 websites get hacked every day and most of these are WordPress sites
  • 90 percent of the businesses who suffer data loss close within two years.

And if you are convinced that you should start taking your own backups of your WordPress site, then you must give?My WP Backup Pro plugin a try.

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