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How to Manage Comments in WordPress

After learning how to make use of the WordPress Media Library, now we are going to see how to manage comments in WordPress. Commenting system is a built in WordPress function and has many benefits:

  • WordPress comments allow two way communication between the writer and the reader. Reader can share their own thoughts about the subject
  • Users can engage in a discussion which further improves the information available on page
  • Users can refer further URLs in comments which are related to the information

The status of comments is available on the Activity Module inside WordPress Dashboard. Here you can perform all actions related to a comment posted on your post. You can approve, edit a comment before approval, reply to a comment, view its history, report it as Spam or trash it altogether.

manage wordpress comments


editing comments

Pingbacks from other websites also appear in this comments feed. Pingbacks are basically kind of comments where your website has been linked to by another blog or website.

You can also take collective actions related to comments by going to Comments link at the left side black menu. This is handy when you want to bulk approve, Unapprove or report spam comments.


WordPress blogs are a target of comment spam, therefore, you may like to adjust your comments settings by going to Setting>Discussion menu from left side.


From here you can select the settings for the comments policy of your blog. From here you might even disable comments by unchecking the option to allow people to comment on new article. In order to encourage users to engage in a discussion on your blog, you may require only email and name for posting a comment and requirement of registration and login may be unchecked.

You can also set the comment approval policy from these setting. Whether you want the comment to appear automatically, in which case you will leave the “comment must be manually approved” unchecked. When you move downward on this comments settings page, you can also enable or disable avatars and also select a default avatar for those users who have not yet made their own avatar.




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