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Launching a WordPress Website – Final Checklist

Are you ready to launch your WordPress site? But have a look at this final checklist before you go live to ensure success of your website in less time. By doing these things you will ensure that your WordPress website stands out in the millions of sites and really shines in the crowd of internet. This checklist is based on the assumption that you have already done the technical part of getting hosting for your website and also have set up WordPress and added content to your website. These are the things which people generally ignore, to their own peril of course.

  1. Backups – Ensure that you have arrangements for taking backups of your website because you should not rely only the web hosting for doing this. This is your website, you MUST take your own regular backups if you want to remain a going concern in the world of internet. Do not wake up someday to see all your efforts gone waste in the absence of backups.
  2. SEO Settings – Before launching your WordPress website, ensure that you have done the basic SEO settings for your website right. First of all ensure that your WordPress settings allow the website to getting indexed in the search engines. Secondly change your permalinks structure to more SEO friendly structure. I will recommend that you install YOAST SEO WordPress plugin.
  3. Google Analytics – When you have ?a website, you want to keep track of how many people are visiting your website and how they are interacting with your website. The best way of doing that is to use Google Analytics on your WordPress website. You can either install Google Analytics on your website by using the code given by Google Analytics or you can also make use of one of the plugins that makes it easy to integrate Google Analytics in your website.
  4. Check Performance – Take your WordPress site on a test drive to ensure that it is working perfectly without any issues. Test it for speed with tools like Pingdom and Google Page Speed because speed not only improves user experience on your website but it also has SEO benefit too. You may consider using caching plugins like WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache. You may also consider using a CDN.
  5. Social Media Integration – Social media is really important as a traffic source and for building your brand. Therefore, try to integrate popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook ?on your website so that you take the full benefit of social media in building your website reputation and brand.
  6. Check Payment Methods – In case of eCommerce websites, try to double check that the whole eCommerce solution you are using works perfectly from Adding to Cart to final Payment transaction and delivery of goods. Nothing is more damaging than seeing that people are visiting your website but they can not complete the transactions.
  7. Email System – Ensure that the emails from your WordPress site are not ending up in spam boxes. In that case try to make use of other professional email solutions and do not just rely on WordPress site’s own email function.
  8. Email Subscription – Try to convert your visitors into permanent subscribers. Therefore, make use of email subscription forms with services like aWeber etc.

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