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Increase WordPress Website Speed With WP Super Cache Plugin

In an earlier post we discussed why you should use caching and what are the options. In this post we will see how to install the number one WordPress caching plugin called WP Super Cache and how to configure it as a beginner.

WP Super Cache is created by the creators of the WordPress itself. The best thing about this caching plugin is that it does not require a lot of technical knowledge because its settings are totally simple and the best settings will already be configured for your website when you will install and configure WordPress Super Cache.

In order to install you will need to go to Plugin>Add New button from the left side WordPress administration menu. We already wrote a post about how to install WordPress plugins. It is in the featured plugins and you need to click on Install button to start installation.


After this the plugin will be installed and you will have to activate the plugin. After activating the plugin, it will be in disabled mode and you will need to click on the Plugin Admin Page link to start activating it.


Here you will select the radio button Caching On and click on the blue Update Status button and the caching for your website will be turned on.


In order to check that everything is ok and WP Super Cache is working find, click on Test Cache button below this.


You will see the output and if all works fine you will see a result like this.


The caching for your wordpress blog is now working. But if you want to cache all the existing posts right now, you need to click at Preload button and click on


Now all the existing pages on your website will be cached and you can then check speed of your website and see the improvement yourself.

The best thing about installing WP Super Cache plugin is that even a beginner can install it without any issues. Best configuration options are already selected.

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