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How to Use WordPress Media Library

In the previous tutorials we have learned how to add images to a WordPress Post and how to embed video to a page or post. It is also possible to upload other file types like PDF or even a Word documents to your WordPress website.

Earlier we learned how to upload files using the Add Media button on the WordPress Editor screen. It is also possible to upload files and view the recent files available in the WordPress Media library from the left side menu.

using wordpress media library


By clicking on the Library you can see the already available files in the Media Library.

media library


When we click on Add New, we will see the File Upload screen opening from where we can upload a file just like we learned uploading an image in another tutorial.

add file to media library

Select the file you want to upload and it will be uploaded and added to the already available files in the Media Library from where you can access it for adding it to a post on your WordPress website.

new file added

Change the Media Library from Grid View to List view and you will see that the file is still unattached to any post. You can click on the Attach button and fill in details about the attachment and then you can select the post with which you want it to be attached. After this click on Select and the file you uploaded will be attached to your selected post.



attachment details media library


select post






Click on the post with which the file has been attached and the post will open in edit mode. You can then click on Add Media and select the uploaded file and it will appear as a clickable link for the users to download.?Save the post and after you publish it, your users will be able to access the file for viewing or download.

linked file



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