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How to Stop People Stealing Your Content on WordPress

Content scraping is a real problem. There are spam sites on the internet which are stealing your content all the time. You will see your content end up on those sites without your permission within days. And sometimes within minutes. There are many problems with people stealing your content.

Dangers of Content Stealing

First of all, this creates duplicate copies of your content on the internet which might lead to duplicate content penalties by search engines. And some times these spam content stealing sites can rank higher than your own website which is very frustrating in every aspect. They steal your traffic, revenue and ranking in SERPs in search engines.

So how these spam sites steal content. All they do is fire up a blog, install a few copying plugins and the rest of the process is totally automated. They might in fact be stealing your bandwidth as well.

You might come across this content stealers quite accidentally. For example, you might follow them from the visitors stats on Statcounter or Google Analytics. Or you might use a service like CopyScape to find duplicate copies of your content on the internet.

So how you deal with someone stealing your content. There are two approaches to deal with content theft.

How to Deal with Content Scraping

First is the kill them approach. You can take the following steps in an aggressive way:

  • First of all find the IP address of the website and block that IP at the webserver level so that they do not automatically access your content. Such lamers are mostly too lazy to manually copy your content.
  • Secondly, you can send them a threatening DMCA notice via their contact page to stop content theft immediately or you will bring legal action against them. Such shady sites generally do not have contact pages but still if one has it, you can send them a notice. However, if the webserver will be out of jurisdiction of US courts, then they will simply ignore this notice.
  • Also find the web hosting of the website and send them a DMCA notice. This is one of the most effective ways for dealing with those who steal your content. You can find the web hosting company of the scraping site at whoishostingthis.com.
  • Limit your RSS feed from Full to Summary. ?And add your links at the bottom of every RSS feed content automatically by using WordPress SEO plugin.
  • Use maximum internal links so that even if they steal your content you can get your traffic back via internal links.
  • Delay your RSS feed by using a plugin. This will allow your own content to get indexed in Google first.

The other approach is to not care because you can not stop all content theft in the end. So big sites hardly care about it. But it can be really harmful for small sites. So you should take action action content scraping if it comes to your notice.

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