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How to Rename the Uncategorized Category in WordPress

When you install a fresh copy of WordPress, it has a sample post, a sample page and also a sample category. While you can easily delete the sample post an page, the sample category which is named as ‘uncategorized’ can not be deleted even by the WordPress administrator.

This is because of a special reason. The Uncategorized category is there to serve as a default category. Any post which is not assigned to a category by the editor is automatically assigned to Uncategoirzed category. However, if a professional blogger publishes posts under Uncategorized category, it reflects poorly on the editorial skills.

Since you can not delete the Uncategorized category, there is still one option left and that is to rename the Uncategorized category in WordPress. By renaming it to a more professional and suitable name, you can still look professional even posts get published to this category. Here is how you can easily rename this category.

First of all click on Posts>Categories link on the left side menu. A list of all the categories on your blog will be displayed. Click on Edit button below the Uncategorized category.

rename uncategorized category

From the next page, change the name of the category to one of your liking and also that of slug. Finally click on the Update button at the bottom of the page and Uncategorized category will be renamed to the new one.

uncategorized category renaming

Take this seriously because first time visitors take the general outlook of the website very seriously while making an opinion about it. An uncategorized category will be a definitely negative point. So fix it because all it takes is less than a minute and you will have taken a step towards making your blog more professional. So even if you make a mistake and assign this category by mistake, you end up looking professional.

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