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How to Move WordPress.com Blog to WordPress.org

Most people start with a blog at WordPress.com because it is free and you do not have to deal with the technical issues at all. But ultimately they have to move to self hosted wordpress blog. A lot of people are scared to migrate their blog from WordPress.com to Wordress.org (self hosted blog) because they think that it is a highly technical thing. In order to refresh your mind about difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, you can read this article. You will be having more control on your blog by moving your blog to WordPress.org. You can:

  • Install new themes from hundreds of free and premium wordpress themes.
  • Extend functions of your WordPress blog by installing any of the more than 40 thousand WordPress plugins.
  • Provide as much space, bandwidth and other resources to your blog as your site requires.
  • Insert ads on your blog to monetize it.

How to Migrate WordPress.com Blog to WordPress.org

First of all you log into your WordPress.com blog and export an XML file of your blog. This is the back up file which we will later import into our new self hosted WordPress.org blog. For this you can go to Tools>Export menu on the left side. From the screen the All Content radio button is already selected. Click on Download Export File button and save the file on your desktop. This XML file contains all your posts, pages menus etc content.

how to move wordpress.com blog to wordpress.org

Install new WordPress Blog

For self hosted blog, you need to be already having hosting. Most web hosts offer one click WordPress install. You can install the WordPress on the domain name you have chosen for your WordPress blog. You can learn how to install WordPress.

Import XML File

And after that you click on Tools>Import on your self hosted blog. You will be prompted to install a WordPress importer plugin. Install the plugin and after that Activate the Plugin and Run Importer.

Choose the XML file that we had exported from our blog on WordPress.com and click on Upload File and Import. From here also check the option for downloading attachments which will migrate your images from the old site as well. Once the import is complete, your migration from the WordPress.com to WordPress.org is complete.

import wordpress backup file

If you are stuck up at any level, we can help you in migrating your WordPress blog.

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