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How to Install WordPress in Under 5 Minutes

Now that you know advantages of a self hosted blog after reader my article on differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, it is time to get to action and learn how to install WordPress. This is a tutorial with images of every step, so if you follow along, you can install WordPress on your hosting in under five minutes and have your first website online to show to your friends and start your journey of online success.

How to Install WordPress

Technical Skills required

If you are thinking that creating websites is something to do with geeks and learning how to install wordpress is going to a tough computer and IT stuff, then let me make ?you comfortable because this tutorial assumes that you do not have any programming or coding skills. However, it is assumed that you know how to use internet and how to buy things online.

Buying Domain Name

Before we start this tutorial about how to install wordpress, it is assumed that you have already bought your own domain name at Godaddy.com. If not, do this now and head over to GoDaddy and buy your domain name of choice. A domain name is the address of your website on internet which people will type in the browser to access your website. (remember we learned that you have to have your own domain name with self hosted wordpress websites and what are the benefits). Search for your domain and on the next screen, click on Select and then ‘Continue to Cart’ and finally make the payment and you have completed the first step of buying domain name. It should cost less than $15 per year.?buy-domain-godaddy



Buying Hosting

As given on the WordPress.org website, the following are the requirements for hosting for installing wordpress:

  • PHP 5.4 or greater
  • MySQL 5.5 or greater
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module

Don’t worry about this technical stuff, because the web hosting, i am going to recommend to you in this tutorial already supports these technical requirements of wordpress installation.

For hosting, i will recommend that you buy hosting from Hostgator, because in my experience I have found it to be the host for non-technical beginners because of its easy to use control panel and one click?wordpress installation. I have also experienced that website loads faster with Hostgator and their support is also very helpful which will be a key requirement for beginners. In order to buy hosting from Hostgator, click here.

When you will click on buying hosting, you will be presented with this screen. Click on ‘I already own this?domain’ name and enter the domain name you registered with Godaddy.

how to install wordpress


And then choose your hosting plan, I recommend that you start with the ‘Baby’ plan. Enter the username for your hosting account and also your four digit PIN which you will be using for phone support with Hostgator support.

choose hosting

Enter your billing information. After this?check the ‘I agree to Terms and conditions’ and click on Checkout Now button to buy hosting.





And you have bought your web hosting. You will immediately receive an email with details about your web hosting account with Hostgator which will have the following information:

  • hosting control panel address
  • web hosting username and password
  • nameservers (keep these handy because we will need these in next step).


Changing Nameservers

Now login to your Godaddy account and you will see the following screen. Click on the Plus button near Domains and then click on the ‘Launch’ button next to the domain name you purchased in the first step.





On the next screen click on ‘manage’ next to Change Nameservers

change name servers


On the next screen, click on ‘Custom’ and then click on ‘custom nameservers’



After this enter the two nameservers that you received in the email about your hosting account from Hostgator. Then click on ‘OK’ and on the next screen click on ‘Save’ button.



Install WordPress

Now is our final step of the tutorial of how to install WordPress. Type ‘domainnameyoubought.com/cpanel’ in the browser (replace ‘domainnameyourbought.com’ with the actual name of the domain you bought’. Alternatively you can click on the control panel link given in the welcome email you received from Hostgator. You will be presented with this screen. Enter your username and password provided in the email and click on Login button.



Now you will be inside your hosting control panel which will look like this. Here click on the ‘Quick Install’ inside the Software/Services grouping. .



The following screen will open with installation links to many difference scripts. Here click on WordPress from the left side menu.



The wordpress installation screen will open. Click on ‘Continue’ and the wordpress installation options screen shall open.?install-wordpress

Fill in the details in the form provided. Enter your valid email address because this will become the main administrator email address for your wordpress website. In the Admin User field never use the word ‘Admin’ for security reasons. Enter some hard to guess username here. The password will be automatically given when the installation is complete. Click on ‘Install Now’ button.



The installation will start and will take only a few seconds.


Once the installation is complete, you will get the details about your WordPress website with the instructions about how to access the backend or dashboard of your wordpress blog.



Our wordpress website has been installed. We can visit the website by typing in the domain name in the address bar of the browser.



In order to access the backend WordPress dashboard for writing your blog posts, type the following in the address bar of your wordpress and enter the wordpress username and password that you received in the email that you received after the installation was completed.

http://yourdomainname.com/wp-admin (change ‘yourdomainname’ with the domain name you bought from Godaddy and on which you installed wordpress.)



And viola, you will be inside the WordPress dashboard for your website. This is the easiest how to install wordpress tutorial on the whole internet that guides step by step. Even then if you come across any trouble, leave a question in the comments below or contact me via Contact Form and I will be happy to assist.


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