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How to Find Your WordPress Login Page

One of the most common newbie WordPress questions is, ‘how do I login to WordPress?’ Beginners sometimes have to struggle to find their WordPress Login Page URL. In this little article, we will learn all possible ways about how to find your WordPress Login URL.

Why You Need WordPress Login Page?

The WordPress Login URL is the link between front end of your website and the backend. You can only access your website backend WordPress Dashboard, if you access and login to WordPress. You can then create new posts, edit existing posts, install plugins and themes and do other WordPress administration tasks.

How to Find the WordPress Login URL

For self hosted WordPress blogs, the login URL is typically located at the following links:



If you have installed WordPress in a sub-directory (for example ‘blog’), then the URL will be:



Do change ‘yourdomainname’ with your exact domain name. For example, in case of fastwplearning.com domain, the login URLs will be:



Once you have logged in, you will need to relogin only when your session has expired. Otherwise, the WordPress login URL will take you straight to WordPress dashboard if your session will be still active.

It is possible to customize your WordPress login page. For example, the plugin iThemes Security allows you to hide your backend WordPress login URL by changing it to one of your own choice for security reasons.

An easy way to remember WordPress login URL is by bookmarking it. Or alternatively you can create it as a menu item and add it to one of the widgets.


Please remember that the above tutorial is for self-hosted WordPress blogs. For WordPress.com blogs, the login URL is very simple which is:


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