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How to Create a Sticky Post in WordPress

We have already learned how to create a post in WordPress. Normally new posts show up pushing the older posts down. But sometimes, there is a requirement to keep a post available on the front page for long time. WordPress provides this feature by which you can create a sticky post.

Before knowing how to make sticky posts in WordPress, let us discuss a little about why and when to use sticky posts in WordPress. The best use of this is when you want to welcome your reader with a specific post. It is also a good way of keeping your best content on the front page which adds indirect SEO juice to the post. However, you should not overdo sticky posts. It is advisable to limit these to a maximum of 2 because otherwise, your readers may think that your content is stale and outdated.

Creating sticky posts in WordPress is a very simple process. You create a post normally by going to Posts>Add New. Once you are done with creating the post, and you want to make it a sticky post, then you need to click on ‘Edit’ next to Visibility option under ‘Publish’ in the right sidebar. Next check the box near ‘Stick this post to the front page’ under the ‘Public’ radio button. Click on OK and then Publish the post. This will be published as a sticky post. Similarly you can edit an existing post too and make it a Sticky post.

how to make sticky posts wordpress

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It is also possible to make a sticky by going to Quick Edit option by going to Posts>All Posts


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