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How to Change the WordPress Theme of Your Website

In the previous tutorial on WordPress, we learned how to create links in WordPress. Now we are gradually moving to a bit advanced topic and in this article we are going to discuss how to change a WordPress theme. There are thousands of WordPress themes, both free and paid too. You can possibly get a theme for your exact needs most of the time.

Your wordpress theme determines the overall look, feel, typography, functions and design of your wordpress website. By changing your WordPress theme, you can actually change the entire look and feel of a wordpress blog. It is, therefore, important to learn how you can change theme of your wordpress site.?There are two ways to change the WordPress theme.

Using free themes available on WordPress.org

There are hundreds of free themes available at WordPress.org which you can choose right from withing your wordpress dashboard. Go to Appearance>Themes on the left side menu.

changing wordpress theme

On the next screen, you will see all the themes available on WordPress.org that are all free and you can?see all the themes that are currently available for your website. And you can also see the theme that is currently active now for your site which is Schema in case of this website. A total of 6 themes are currently available for this website. Next click on Add New button on this window.


When you will click on Add New, you will see all the themes that are available on WordPress.org and you can change to any of these themes free.

free wordpress themes


When you will hover your mouse on any of these themes, ?you will?be able to Preview the theme or you can click on Install button.

preview theme

The theme will be installed in a few seconds.



Click on Live Preview to to see how your website will look with this theme.



If you like the new look, you click on Save and Activate button and you will change your WordPress theme to the new one that you just installed.

Uploading a WordPress Theme

Apart from these free WordPress themes, there are also professionally designed premium WordPress themes from different theme designers and theme clubs which are paid ones. Once you buy themes from there, they will provide you with a .zip file which you can then upload to your WordPress website. Here is how to change WordPress theme by uploading a new theme.

First of all click on the?Upload Theme button as shown in the window below.



Next select the .zip file on your computer that was provided by the theme developer and click on Install Now button. The theme will be installed and you will be given the option to preview theme or Activate it.

choose theme file


You can choose any of the above two options for changing WordPress theme but it is recommended that you should buy a premium wordpress theme because it will give your website a completely professional look and feel which is important because you do not want your website to come across as cheap in design or features.

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