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How to Add WordPress Blog to Google Webmasters Tools Easily

One easy way to optimize your WordPress website is by adding it to Google Webmasters Tools. This is one of the easily implemented SEO Tips and definitely a must have if you want to improve organic traffic to your website. Below we will learn how to add WordPress site to Google Webmasters tools easily.

But first we must know a little about Google Webmasters tools. It is a service by google which is available at https://google.com/webmasters/tools . By using this service from Google, you can know a lot of detail about your website; Some of the ways that Google Webmasters Tools can help are:

  • You can get the ranking data about your website.
  • The total impressions your website received.
  • The impressions your website received for a keyword, the number of clicks against those impressions and the ranking position of your website
  • You can submit XML sitemaps for your WordPress site
  • You can get backlinks information about your website
  • Google reports any issues with your website via Google Webmasters Tools

Because of the above and many other benefits, it is absolutely recommended that you add your website to Google Webmasters Tools.

Adding WordPress Site to Google Webmasters Tools

It is very simple process to add your blog to GWT. First go to Google Webmasters Tools website and log in with your Gmail account. Once you log in, click on the Add a Property red button on the right top side. Add your website. And then Google Webmasters Tools will add it as an unverified site. You will have two options to verify the property. One is the recommended method by Google and then there are alternate methods too.

If you have your domain provider listed in the list, then you can select your domain provider and verify your website in Google Webmasters Tools by this method.

For the second method, you install YOAST SEO plugin on the WordPress site you want to verify.

If you want to verify by other method, then click on Alternate Methods.And then click on HTML tag radio button. Copy the meta tag. After copying the meta tag, go to your website?wordpress dashboard and head over to the YOAST SEO plugin settings and click on the Webmasters Tools link at the top and paste the meta tag copied from Google Webmasters Tools next to Google Search Console field and click on the Save Changes button.

html tag gwt

wordpress-seo-google webmasters tools

And then click on the Verify Button in Google Webmaster Tools to verify your website. Google will verify your website and you will be able to get all the data and information about yoru website after a few hours. You can also submit your sitemap after adding your wordpress website to Google Webmasters Tools.

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