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How to Add Custom Menu to WordPress Site

In the previous session we learned how to add widgets to WordPress site?to give a new look and design to your website that actually matches your niche and requirements. Now we are going to discuss how to add custom menu to WordPress.

Menus are the main navigation for your website, therefore, their importance can be hardly over-emphasized. By default, WordPress adds each page you create to the menu. However, we need to keep the menu navigation organized to give an easy navigation experience to the visitor.

Different themes support different number of menus and the menu placement is also sometimes defined by the theme creators. However, almost all themes support at least one menu. Whereas most premium themes support at least two menus for WordPress.

In order to add menu to WordPress site, go to Appearance> Menus from the left side.

creating menu wordpress

When you will click the Menus button, the following screen will open. First of fill in the menu name and then click on Create Menu button.

After this you can add pages, categories and custom links to the menu you just created. Check the pages you want to add to the menu and then click on Add to Menu button. In order to view all the available pages on your website, click on View All. Do not forget to hit the Save Menu button after you have added pages, custom links or categories to the menu.

add pages to menu


Similarly you can add different categories to the Menu.

adding categories to menu

And you can also add custom links to the Menu by adding these from the Links option. For example, we are going to add a Home link to the Menu.

Adding custom links to menu


save menu

You can also change the menu structure by simple drag-n-drop. You can reorganize the positions of different links on the Menu. And by dragging a menu item a little to the right, you can make it a sub menu item of the one above it.

organize menu


You can edit the contents of the already added menu items by clicking on the down-arrow button next to a menu item and hit the Save Menu button to save the changes.



You can manage locations of the menu where it appears from the Manage locations button.




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