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How Many Posts to Show on Front Page of Your Blog

WordPress by default shows 10 blog posts on your front page. These posts are detailed and full length posts. This can make your front page look very complex and it can also increase page load speed if you also have images in these posts. So many wordpress beginners ask the question that : how many blog posts to show on front page and archive pages (categories, search pages, tags etc).

It is more a matter of choice and how you want your front page to appear. With more posts, it definitely gets less unreadable. However, the proponents of showing full length posts would argue that the reader will not need to click to another page to read the full post.

There are certain niches in which you have no option but to show full length posts ( for example short stories or jokes blogs). ?In such cases you may show one or two full length posts on front page of your blog.

There are others who want to show less posts per page and that too with excerpts and not full blog posts. This allows you to emphasise other content on your front page. You give enough of the?information for click through to the post with excerpt. And by doing this you can show more posts in an easy to navigate way. Most premium wordpress themes allow you to

Now we come to the question of how?to change the number of blog posts to show. This is really easy to change the number of blog posts to show on the front page of your blog.

First of all log in to your WordPress dashboard. Then click on Settings>Reading button from the menu on the left side of the WordPress dashboard.

how many posts on blog page

Here you can set the number of maximum posts to show on blog pages ( this includes front page, archive pages like categories etc). Choose your preferred number and then click on Save Change button at the bottom of the page.

number of blog posts per page

If it does not change, then it means your WordPress theme is overriding these changes. So get in touch with your WordPress theme support for changing the number of blog posts to show no front page of your blog.

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