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Factors to Consider Before Choosing WordPress Web Hosting Provider

Reliability, speed and security of a web host are all important when choosing WordPress web hosting provider, but one thing that comes right above everything else is your own requirements. We have already discussed what WordPress hosting requires. But now is the time to think what are your own requirements for hosting. You need to evaluate what you need based on different hosting options available. We will discuss all the options in detail except managed WordPress hosting which we will discuss in another post in detail because of its importance.

Free WordPress Hosting Providers

The first temptation that every new starting blogger has is to save as much money as possible on hosting. And nothing is more attractive than free wordpress hosting. There are many websites and people offering free hosting but in almost all the cases, there is some kind of catch associated with such offers.

This free hosting is offered in online forums etc and mostly by a single person who is offering a small portion of his server but mostly in exchange for a banner or a text link. They will then sell this text link or banner to cover their costs. These forced linkbacks are the price that you pay for free hosting offer which means it is not free anymore. If you go for free hosting from bigger names, they will flood your website with their own ads.

But there is an even bigger problem with such free options. The issue is their unreliability. You never know when the person stops offering free WordPress hosting and you are left in cold water. So any serious blogger would definitely avoid free wordpress hosting at all costs.

Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared web hosting is the most popular wordpress web hosting out there. This is an excellent starting point for most new bloggers because of the affordability. In case of shared hosting, you website shall share server space and resources with a lot of other websites. Web hosting providers offer shared hosting at an affordable rate because of hosting multiple sites on the same server.

One thing that almost all shared hosting providers offer is unlimited resources. This is actually a marketing catch. Even though they proclaim unlimited, there are still restriction on usage. You will be immediately asked to upgrade your hosting account from shared hosting if your website becomes popular and starts taking a substantial server load. This is mandatory for them because otherwise your website will be consuming too many resources and it will have a negative effect on other neighboring websites. So with the growth of your business, the overhead cost of hosting will also increase.

Shared WordPress Hosting is an excellent option for new bloggers and even for small business entities.

?Wordpress VPS Hosting

VPS or virtual private server means a virtual server machine. By using technology a physical hardware server is virtually partitioned into independent virtual servers according to requirements of the customers. Though you are sharing the overall resources with a select number of other customers but you get as much control over the virtual machine as in case of a dedicated server, almost. With WordPress VPS hosting, not only you have a privacy of your own virtual server but also you can install additional software according to your needs which is not possible in case of shared wordpress hosting.

WordPress VPS hosting is a scale up from shared hosting and is often used by established websites, mid sized bloggers, developers and intermediate tech users. However, managing a VPS requires strong technical skills in Linux and in case you do not have these, then you should go for managed VPS. With managed VPS, the wordpress VPS hosting provider manages all the system administration related to virtual server and is always available to assist you.

VPS WordPress hosting is ideal for high traffic websites, developers and mid sized business owners.

WordPress Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server is an actual physical server that you can rent from a hosting provider. You get full control over the hardware as well as software of the sever. However, dedicated server will be an overkill if you are just starting a website. You should consider upgrading to a dedicated server only if your website starts getting? high traffic. Again in case of WordPress dedicated server hosting, you need to have an in-house system administrator to manage it or you should go for managed dedicated server hosting. Most of the top websites on internet use clusters of dedicated server to ensure high availability.

WordPress dedicated server hosting is ideal for very busy and high traffic websites and blogs.

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