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How to Embed Video in WordPress Post or Page

In the previous post we learned how to add images to WordPress and in this tutorial we are going to learn how to embed videos to WordPress posts or pages.

There are two ways by which you can add video content to your WordPress post or page.

  • By uploading video to your WordPress site
  • By embedding video in WordPress post or page

It is not recommended that you add video to WordPress post by uploading the actual video to your own web server because of the following reasons:

  • Videos consume a lot of bandwidth and if your video becomes popular your website might run out of bandwidth allocated to your account by your web host.
  • Most web hosting companies impose a file size limit of around 50Mb which is not quite enough for normal videos of high quality
  • Video hosting sites like YouTube have Content Devlivery Networks which mirror videos across different sites which allows better speed and loading of videos. In absence of this, your video might buffer a lot under traffic if you have hosted it yourself on your own server.

Therefore the easiest way to add video to your WordPress post or page is by embedding the video inside your post. In this case the video is not actually hosted on your own server. Rather you first upload the video on a video hosting and sharing site like YouTube or Vimeo and then get the embed code and paste it inside the WordPress Editor by first changing it from Visual to Text.









It is now also possible to embed videos without actually copying the embed code from the video sharing site. All you will need is the video URL and copy it at the Visual WordPress editor in the content area?write your WordPress posts and WordPress will automatically embed the video by adding the embed code itself.

You can also choose to embed content automatically from a number of other popular services like Flickr, Twitter or SoundCloud etc. The complete list of services from where you can embed automatically by just pasting the URL of the video, audio or other content is at?https://codex.wordpress.org/Embeds

If you want to embed a new video of your own, the best you can do is to first upload video to a video sharing site and then add its embed code or by pasting the URL.


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