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How to Edit a WordPress Post

After learning different WordPress posts formats, our next topic is how to edit an existing WordPress post. Once you have published a post, there comes times when you need to edit a WordPress post. The need might originate from the fact that the post has become a bit dated and you want to add new information. Or you might have posted something that you want to correct now. Whatever, the case may be, you will definitely be editing WordPress posts quite often for one reason or another.

In order to edit a WordPress post, you can click Posts>All Posts from the left side menu. You will get a list of all the WordPress posts that have either been published on your site or are scheduled to be published. The draft posts are also there. If you click on Edit under the post you want to edit, that post will open in the WordPress editor and you could make any changes you like and then hit the Update button on the right sidebar. The updated post will be saved and published.

edit wordpress post





It is also possible to use the Quick Edit button and you will be able to update certain settings related to the published post. By using Quick Edit, you can change things like status of the post, categories, date etc, but it is not possible to edit the actual text of the post using Quick Edit. And if you make any changes, don’t forget to hit the Update button.



It is also possible to edit multiple WordPress posts at a time by using the bulk edit option. You select the posts you want to edit and then click on Edit from the drop down menu above and hit Apply. And from the resulting screen, you can change settings for multiple posts at a single time.





You can change categories, authors, status of the post and even make a post as Sticky from these options. Do not forget to hit the Update button after you have made all the changes.



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