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How to Create and Edit WordPress Pages

In an earlier post we had learned the difference between WordPress posts and pages. And in another post, we learned how to create a WordPress post and how to edit an existing WordPress post. As we already know that there are mainly two ways of adding content to your WordPress blog. One is by writing WordPress posts and the other is by writing WordPress pages.


We will first briefly review the differences between WordPress pages and posts. The main difference is that posts are assigned to mandatory categories whereas pages are not assigned to any category. Secondly WordPress pages are generally used for adding content which is timeless in nature. For example, you will use pages for About Us or Contact Us pages on your websites.

Creating WordPress Pages

In order to create WordPress pages, you will go to Pages>Add New menu on the left side or from the top New>Page. This will open the WordPress editor, which is the same in case of posts as well as pages. You can create your page by writing and adding content from the WordPress WYSIWYG editor. You can also set the page attributes from the right side bar where you can select the page type from the ones pre-provided by your theme provider. You can also set the page order here which means that which page is displayed first. It is also possible to add hierarchies to WordPress pages by selecting the parent page of a child page. In that case your URLs for hierarchical pages will look like this:




And then you can save the page as a draft or publish it right away.

creating wordpress page

Editing WordPress Pages

In order to edit an existing WordPress page, you can click on Pages>All Pages from the left menu. And similar to editing a WordPress post, you can edit a WordPress page and then click on Update button. Similarly for bulk editing multiple wordpress pages, you can follow the procedure that has been described in the editing a WordPress post article. And you can also use the Quick Edit feature too just like in case of quick editing a WordPress post.

editing wordpress pages


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