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Ultimate Guide for Choosing The Best WordPress Hosting

how to choose best wordpress hostingWeb hosting is the backbone of your website. It keeps your website available to the rest of the world. This comes even before your content, which is the next most important thing for your WordPress website. Without a reliable and fast web hosting, even the best onsite content will not be able to make a promising online presence for your business. Therefore, after deciding to create a website, the next most important question you should be looking answers to is: how to choose the best wordpress hosting?

WordPress Hosting Requirements

WordPress is one of the most popular web apps on most web hosting environment now. However, you should ensure that your web hosting supports PHP ( programming language that powers wordpress ) and mySQL ( the database program that is at the back-end of WordPress) according to the WordPress.org recommendations. WordPress recommends the following for running a WordPress website:

  • PHP version 5.6 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.5 or greater

Though WordPress also works with?WordPress also works with PHP 5.2.4+ and MySQL 5.0+ versions but since these versions have already reached their end of life, therefore, you should insist that your web host supports the PHP and MySQL according to recommendations from WordPress because this will mean less security vulnerabilities for your website in production environment.

(Most web hosts support WordPress hosting without any issues).

Consideration for Choosing a WordPress Web Hosting Provider

Reliability, Speed and Security are the most commonly known considerations when you are looking for how to choose the best WordPress hosting provider.

When we say reliability, it means the web host should not be a seasonal web host in search of making some quick money and then never to be found again. A reliable host should have been in business for a few years at least, should have multiple ways for support and the support responses should be quick.

Speed of a web site is also determined by the web hosting quality, among other factors. And it is important for your website because Google SEO takes into account the page speed because it affects user experience on your website. Read reviews about the web host and see how people have rated it for speed.

Security is as important as any other factor. The web host should be professional and able to properly secure the server and hosting environment by applying regular software updates and patching known vulnerabilities. A one man company is generally not equipped enough to properly secure web hosting.

In addition to the above three considerations, the user requirements is also important when choosing wordpress web hosting for your website.

Your Own WordPress Hosting Needs

The following web hosting types are available. The type of hosting you choose will depend on your own needs relating to data you will store?and?the number of people that will visit the website.

Free WordPress Hosting

The first temptation is always to go with the free wordpress hosting but you need to stay away from it. There is nothing free in this world and same goes for WordPress hosting. Though you will get free hosting but generally it means, the web host will be able to insert ads on your website pages.

Or they might ask you to put a link back to their website on your site. However, even bigger issue with free WordPress hosting is that these are unreliable host which is a pre-condition for choosing the best wordpress hosting. They can disappear any time, leaving you in the lurch. Sometimes you might not have the backup to resume your business. So if you are at all serious about your site and your business’s online presence, free WordPress hosting is a thing to avoid at all costs.

Shared WordPress Hosting

This is the most common type of hosting which you will come across when looking for how to choose the best WordPress hosting. It basically means that multiple users can host their websites on a single server, thus sharing cost of the server, which in turn makes shared web hosting affordable.

However, you should not believe when shared web hosts offer unlimited resources. Because all servers, processing and bandwidth are limited. So when your website will grow popular enough to impact other neighboring websites on the shared hosting server, you will be asked to upgrade to a VPS or a dedicated server.

Shared web hosting is ideal for small businesses and starting blogger. Generally web sites with a few thousand hits per day can use shared wordpress hosting.

VPS WordPress Hosting

The next upgrade from shared hosting is VPS hosting. A VPS server is basically a virtual server on a physical server with your own dedicated resources and you having full Root access and autonomy to use the server the way you want. You can install anything on that server and delete anything, which is not possible with shared hosting. But still a physical server has a number of VPS (virtual private server) servers. Therefore, still a VPS abusing the server can still impact the performance of your website hosted on a VPS.

However, if you are considering of buying VPS WordPress hosting, you should consider buying managed VPS hosting unless you know enough of Linux to manage the server yourself.

VPS hosting is ideal for busy website with tens of thousands of visitor a month. High traffic blog website and medium sized businesses can go with this type of hosting.

WordPress Dedicated Hosting

Compared to VPS, a dedicated server is an actual physical server hosted in a data center that you can get on lease. You get full access to the server and you decide to choose the hardware as well. You are the only one who uses the full server resources. However, if you are just starting your blog or are a small sized business, you do not need wordpress dedicated hosting.

In case you expect very high traffic on your website, then you consider buying dedicated hosting. However, if you do not have a team of system administrators, it is important that you order managed dedicated hosting where a team of the hosting company manages the server for you and you can focus completely on your website.

WordPress dedicated server hosting is ideal for extremely busy websites.

Managed WordPress Hosting

The main attraction of managed WordPress hosting is that you do not need to worry about the technical aspects at all. The hosting company is responsible for installing WordPress, updating it, installing plugins, themes, taking backups and tuning your website. This is a high convenience kind of hosting. But is is quite pricey and starting bloggers can not afford it. But if you have an established website already, then this is the best wordpress hosting for you.

Now that you know different types of web hosting, it is time to choose the best wordpress hosting for your website. Keeping in view all the above factors, we have personally hand picked some of most renowned wordpress hosting provider. These WordPress hosting companies provide excellent support and your website will be safe with any of these. Based on user reviews and our experience, all of these are five star hosts. Check out below the list of best web hosting providers: (Some of these are affiliate links which means we may earn commissions if you buy hosting from these companies. However, regardless of the commissions, we absolutely trust these hosting companies and are referring these only based on solid reviews and our own experience while choosing best WordPress hosting companies).

Best WordPress Web Hosting Providers

  1. HostGator?hostgator-logo

Since its creation in 2002, Hostgator has transformed into one of the most popular wordpress hosting company. Allows you to install WordPress with one click. Offers 99.9 up-time guarantee with easy to use control panel. More than 8 million websites are hosted with HostGator. Use coupon code fastwplearning to save 25 percent on hosting from HostGator.

2. Blue Hostbluehost-logo

It is one of the oldest hosting company that started its operations in 1996. They are the most popular WordPress host. They have been the officially recommended WordPress hosting company by WordPress itself. You get unlimited space, domains and free website transfer at just $3.25 per month. You must be sure that your website will be fast and reliable with a reliable WordPress host like Blue Host.

3. Inmotion Hostinginmotion-hosting-logo

Inmotion hosting has been providing business WordPress hosting for more than 12 years. It has an A+ rating from BBB (better business bureau). It is one of the biggest names in best wordpress hosting with more than 200000 customers and promising 99.99 percent network up-time.

4. iPage Hostingipage-logo

iPage is also one of the top WordPress hosting service providers, in operation since 1998. With more than one million customers, it is one the leaders in web hosting industry. It offers one of the cheapest wordpress hosting. With its expert 24/7 support, you will breeze through any web hosting related queries and issues. Also offers a 30 days money back guarantee.

5. Web Hosting Hubweb-hosting-hub-logo

Our last recommended wordpress host is WebHostingHub which offers unlimited space and bandwidth along with a one click Softaculous WordPress installer. It is a fast wordpress hosting because it uses SSD hard drives which are up to 20 times faster than normal hard drives. The company has been providing web hosting services since 2010. Compared with the other four, it is a relatively new entrant but offers quality web hosting and five years in the business means it is a reliable wordpress hosting company.

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