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Best WordPress Theme for Viral Websites

sociallyviral wordpress themeInternet marketers are already in search of new ideas to make money online. One recent idea that has made many people millionaires is creating viral websites with catchy headlines and interesting content that gets shared a lot and is potentially viral. These viral websites are all the rage and trying to emulate the example of ViralNova, a website that got millions of page views within a period of six months of its launch and the owner ultimately sold it for $100 million.

The business model of these viral websites is very simple. They get free content from sites like BuzzFeed, 9Gag etc and post it on their websites and then launch a paid advertising campaign on Facebook or Taboola and bring in initial visitors which share these posts because of the viral nature of these posts. Since where there is traffic, there is money on the web. The next part of the business model is to place ads, a lot of ads, on the posts and when people click on these ads, they make money.

However, there is a third part of this model too and that the is the selection of best wordpress theme for viral websites. There are hundreds of websites which claim to be created for viral websites, but we will go by the example of ViralNova again. They used the SociallyViral wordpress theme from MyThemeShop. An analysis of the theme will show that it has been made by keeping in the view the following factors (which give a lot of impetus for social sharing):

It is a theme that has been optimized for social sharing by making sharing easier by the visitor. Most major social media sharing icons are placed at ideal places, where these are most noticeable. The theme has also a feature called trending posts, which shows most popular posts to the user and generally people are mores likely to click on these posts because there must be already a reason that these went popular in the first place.

The SociallyViral theme has infinite scroll which will keep your user interested and he will spend more time on your website and more time the user spends more chances are that either he will click an ad or will share some post he likes with his friends. The theme has been optimized for Adsense which helps you place ads on important places for optimizing ads revenue. Another additional feature that makes it the best wordpress theme for viral sites is that it is already responsive which means that it adjusts according to the screen sizes on which the website is viewed without compromising the format or features.

The theme is light and easy to use with feature rich theme options where you can practically control almost all aspects of your website from colors to layout and typography. It is a speed optimized theme and loads really fast. SEO is already taken care of so you do not need to tweak a lot when it comes to optimizing your website for search engines. Video posts are also fully supported. It is mega menu compatible which increases clickthrough because the posts along with the featured images can be shown in the menu.

And there are so many other features too which make it the best wordpress theme for socially viral websites. So if you are inspired by the success story of ViralNova, then you need to take action fast and start your own viral site with a theme like SociallyViral.

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