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Best WordPress Review Plugins For Maximum Conversions

Product reviews are one of the main strategies that successful internet marketers use for affiliate marketing. Even otherwise, you may also need to write a review or two occasionally even on a blog which is not a review site.

When you write reviews, it is important that you can catch the attention of the reader. It is all the more important because someone looking for a review of a product is weighing the decision of buying and if you can convince him in review, he might click on the affiliate link embedded in that review and go on to buy that product.

However, it is important that you present the review in an attention catching way. Moreover, your wordpress review plugin?should offer you different options to customize your review according to your exact criteria and requirements. It should also support rich text snippets to give your review more prominence in the search results pages. There are many different WordPress review plugins. Some of the most commonly known ?are:

However, my personal favorite of WordPress review plugins is WP Review Pro. And here are the reasons why I consider it the best:

  • No coding require at all. Even a newbie can write professional reviews.
  • Supports rich snippets which gives your website additional prominence in search results
  • Supports four rating systems: stars, percentages, point or circle.
  • Also allows user rating and reviews/comments.
  • Unlimited color options for customizing
  • Fully responsive which is important for mobile conversions
  • Compatible with all wordpress themes

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It also supports animated CSS which gives even more prominence to your review and makes it easier to attract attention which increases user engagement.

Because of all the above features,?WP Review Pro is my personal favorite. So if you are an affiliate who writes a lot of reviews or you are a blogger who needs to write occasional reviews, this is my recommended WordPress review plugin. Make your reviews stand out on-page and also in Google search results.

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