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Best WordPress Plugins – Recommended For Your Website

One of the things that really make WordPress the most powerful content management system are its plugins. Plugins are additional software that extend the functionality and features of WordPress in some way. There are currently more than 41,000 WordPress plugins available. Plugins provide features which are not otherwise available with standard WordPress installation.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Plugins

But the challenge is to decide which wordpress plugins you need to install on your website. You can not install all of these or even a lot of these because you risk your website speed as well as security if you choose to install WordPress plugins recklessly. So ideally you should install only the best wordpress plugins which will power up your website. And more importantly you should install only those which are your need. You should not be adding plugins for the sake of these.

There are different lists available on internet which list down a large number of plugins. However, you should be careful because of the reason we mentioned above. Based on our experience, we have listed down the top wordpress plugins which you should consider. We do not recommend you install all of these unless we mention that it is in our list of essential WordPress plugins. In this list both free WordPressp plugins as well as premium wordpress plugins are included. Premium plugins have a price tag attached to them, but this price is worth paying if your needs are met by that plugin. We have listed only the ones we have tested ourselves and can vouch for.

Best WordPress Plugins List

  1. My WP Backup?

best wordpress plugins

Our first recommended WordPress plugin is My WP Backup?that will automate the process of taking your website backups. We can hardly overemphasize the importance of backups. These are essential for continuity of your business and the first thing you should ensure after creating a website. Taking backups manually is a technical and time consuming task. However, with this plugin, you can automate your backups process in a few clicks.

There are multiple options to save your backups as well. And you can also restore your backups in case of a disaster. This is an essential plugin. A Must have. A free version is also available, but I will recommend you get the pro version of My WP Backup. It will be a one time payment and you will be able to install it on unlimited number of websites and with options to save backups to Gdrive, Amazon S3 and many other locations. Other similar plugins cost hundreds of dollars. Read our full review of My WP Backkup Pro.

2. Akismet

akismet plugin

When you create a WordPress website, one of the most annying things is comment spam. While you need to keep the comments feature active to engage with your audience, the spammer bombard you with autmated spam comments which are not only annoying but you also waste a lot of time deleting these comments. Akismet Anti comment spam plugin is a must have. It automatically checks the comments against its algorithms and filters out spam comments from your website. It has a feature to automatically discard aggressive spam comments. One of the most popular WordPress plugins to keep your website comment-spam free. This a free wordpress plugin. Read our full review of Akismet anti spam plugin.


wordpress seo plugin

WordPress is a highly optimized when it comes to SEO but still there are areas which you can improve. And the leading WordPress SEO wordpress plugin is YOAST?SEO. It has many features. Allows you to customize your titles, generates XML sitemaps, helps create search engine snippets and helps you certify your wordpress websites to webmaster tools from Google, Bing and Pinterest etc. And it is totally free to use. Our full review of YOAST SEO plugin can be found here.

4. Wordfence Security

wordfecne security plugin

WordPress websites are known to be hacked all the time. Though it is a secure platform but still there are certain known features which need to be set up properly to harden your WordPress website. Wordfence is currently the best WordPress security plugin. Has many features like blocking hackers, alerting you about upgrades required and intelligently blocks hacking threats. It automatically scans your website for known vulnerabilities and suggest you measure to fix these. ?This is a free plugin to use. Read our detail post on WordPress security plugins.

5. Official Statcounter Plugin

statcounter wordpress plugin

When you create a website, you need to keep track of how it is performing. How many people are visiting your website, from which geographic locations and what pages are they landing at. What are the keywords against which your website is ranking higher in the search engines. All these statistics are needed to optimize your search engine performance and also to optimize your marketing strategies. Official Statcounter plugin is the best WordPress plugin for this purpose. And the best thing is that is is the easiest of the stats monitoring service. And it is free to use as well.

6. Bloom Email Opt-in

bloom email optin plugin

It is very important that you build your own email list and Bloom Email Opt-in plugin is the best email subscription plugin that can supercharge your list building efforts from day one. It is feature rich with highly customizable email optin forms. Supports all popular list building services like Aweber, Mailchimp, GetResponse etc. In total it supports 16 email marketing systems. Has more than 100 elegant pre-made designs for forms. Supports exit intent and animation features. Has refined targeting options with split testing feature.

7. Monarch Social Media Sharing

monarch social sharing plugin

This is an age where it is not possible to be successful without engaging on social media. This is the reason that I have included this in the list of Best WordPress plugins because it is the best in the category. It makes social sharing of your posts very easy. You can also place badges encouraging users to follow your social media channels. Supports all the popular social media services and in total 20 of the most popular social media services are supported. It is so feature rich that you will absolutely fall in love with this plugin.

8. WP Review Pro

wp review pro plugin

There are high chances that you will be posting reviews of different products on your website. Even if you are running a blog, you still will be writing an occasional review every now and then. WP Review Pro is the best WordPress review plugin with so many features and options. It also helps you gain prominence in search engine with rich snippets. Multiple review options like stars, percentages etc are available. It also allows users to post their reviews and the best thing is that it is fully responsive. So if you want your reviews you look professional, then WP Review Pro is a must-have plugin. Read our full WP Review Pro Review.

You can magically enhance the power and reach of your website by using these best WordPress plugins. These will give a professional look and feel and also enhance monetization opportunities on your website.


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