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Which is the Best WordPress Caching Plugin

wordpress caching pluginWordPress is a dynamic platform which means that pages that are served to the visitors on a WordPress blog are created on the run-time based on the instructions written in the PHP programming language and the database at the backend. For blogs with low traffic, this is perfectly fine but for those websites which have a huge user base, every page load consumes server and memory resources which might result in speed decrease or even server crash if a post on your website makes to the front page of Reddit. It is in such a situation that a WordPress caching plugin comes really handy. In fact, you can significantly improve your website speed by using a caching plugin.

What a WordPress Caching Plugin Does?

The main principle working behind a caching plugin is that it creates static HTML files for your web pages and when a user requests a web page via browser, the web server serves the already available static page without doing any resource intensive operations like database queries or PHP script execution. The real benefit of a WordPress caching plugin is for those websites which have low resources but expect occasional high surges of traffic. Even otherwise, the general speed improvements also have a positive effect on SEO because Google also takes into account the web pages speed as a ranking factor.

Which is the Best WordPress Caching Plugin?

There are many plugins but two of these are very good ones. One is called WP?Super Cache and the other is named W3 Total Cache. The first one is created by the creators of WordPress itself whereas the second is created by?Frederick Townes. Personally I like WP Super Cache because it is really easy to use and its options can also be configured very easily. Moreover, it has been created by Auttomatic, the creators of WordPress itself. Keeping in view the above, I recommend WP Super Cache as the best WordPress caching plugin. Try this now and see immediate speed improvements on your website. Measure your site load time before and after installing this caching plugin and see the difference for yourself.

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