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Best Way to Backup Your WordPress Website

It is a reality that web hosts go out of business, your website may get hacked, there may be hardware or software failure at the web host and they might not have backup to restore your website. In such a situation, you are at the risk of loosing your website and if it is your money website, then you may end up taking a sever blow to your business. Sometimes, it might not be possible to get back quickly unless you have been taking your own regular backups. This brings us to the question of which is the best way to backup your WordPress website?

Using cPanel

If you are using a cPanel based web hosting then this super easy web hosting control panel provides a backup solution of its own. You can easily backup your website using cPanel. However always remember that it is one thing backing up your database and it is another thing backup your WordPress directories. In order to restore a website in its absolute copy form, you will need to have the current backup of WordPress directory as well as WordPress database backup using the cPanel Backup Wizard. Take the full backup for restoring in case of emergency which will also take a backup of your home directory.

Using Softaculous

However, I?will recommend that you choose a web host that provides Softaculous as a one-click script installer. Because one of the hidden benefits of Softaculous is that you can take backups of all of your websites on a server one by one easily by using the backup option in Softaculous. When you click on Softaculous link in your web hosting panel, and then on WordPress, at the bottom of the page you will see a list of current WordPress installation and the options for each WordPress website. Click on the Backup icon below the Options column.

Select both the backup options, i.e Directory as well as database and click on Backup Installation button at the bottom of the page. Within a few seconds your website will be backed up and you will be able to download your backup to your own computer for using in case you need to restore your backup.







best way to backup wordpress websiteA complete tutorial and a video is available at Softaculous Wiki.



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