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Why Divi 3.0 is the Best Page Builder for WordPress

There are so many website builders that it has become very difficult to keep track of all of them. However, Divi 3.0 is the undisputed best right now becasue of various reasons which we will discuss here. It is created by Elegant Themes, the number one WordPress premium themes provider.

Visual Editor

First of all it is a visual editor, which is a whole new concept in WordPress page builders. It is basically a front end editor and allows you to make live changes to your website.. yes on your actual website. So you can see the effect of changes right at that moment. The changes to your website happen instantly as you type or drag or drop some new content module. Divi provides more than 40 feature rich modules with almost endless settings. You do not need to refresh any page to preview your changes. It happens in real time.


Add content on the go

You can add content to your pages on the fly. If you want to add something new, just hover over the area and by clicking the + button you get the option to add any of the Divi’s 40 plus modules. And it is super fast You add content and it is right there.

There is a module for every need

Divi offers rich selection of modules and you will easily find one module to suit your needs. Mix and match the modules and content and see yourself creating a professional page. And you can do all of this without a single line of code from your end. And without the need to install tens of WordPress plugins.

Drag and Drop

Divi website builder comes with drag, drop, duplicate and delete options.?This is quite amazing because you are actually working your real content on the page when you do this. The zoom out feature gives you the option to take a larger picture of the overall designs of your page. The heights and widths of your content areas on the page are also perfectly draggable and you can decrease or increase these on the go in real time. There is a comprehensive Undo, Redo and Revision Restore feature which is there to help you in case you need to restore to a previous feature or design on your website.

Invisible Interface

The interface of the page builder remains invisible unless you want to use it. There is no clutter on your page. The Divi 3.0 website builder operates in an elegant way, right like the name of the provider i.e Elegant Themes.

Custom fonts and Styles

It is very easy to style text in the inline editor. Standard styles like headers, bold, italic and underline can be applied to any text just like the normal WordPress text editor.

In short, this is right now the best page builder for WordPress sites. It is elegant, it is fast and it is intuitive. It helps you create stunning websites with WordPress. This is definitely a modern era website builder.


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