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How to Add Widgets to WordPress

After learning how to add new WordPress Theme to your website to change its look and design, now we are going to discuss another topic that can further help you customize your WordPress website. In this article we are learning how to add widgets to WordPress.

Widgets are special areas, mostly in the sidebars or at the footer area, where you can add selected content from your website. Different themes support different number of widget areas. Almost all the modern WordPress themes are widgetized now. But still before selecting or buying a theme, ensure that it has widget areas.

In order to access the Widgets options, click on Appearance> Widgets from the left side menu on your WordPress Dashboard.


You can see the widget areas available for your theme and the Available Widgets which you can use in this widgetized area. You can see that there is already one Widget active in the Sidebar widget area.



In order to add or remove widgets from the Widget area, you can drag it either to the Widget area or back to the Available Widgets if you want to remove it. Then you can customize the widget by filling in the field and checking or unchecking different options provided by the widget to customize it as per your choice.

adding widgets-drag


configuring widget

And by hitting the Save button, your widget will be saved and become active. Similarly you can drag the widget from the widget area to Available Widgets area to deactivate it. If you want to keep the settings for future use, you can drag the widget to Inactive Widgets area at the bottom.

Widgets are a powerful way to present handy information in easy to read format. These are also mostly used for adding ads to sidebars. In order to make the best use of widgets in WordPress, always try to use a theme that supports multiple widget areas.


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