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How to Add Images to WordPress Posts

After learning learning to create and edit WordPress pages, our ?next topic is to adding images to WordPress posts and pages. The process is same for both the posts and pages because the WordPress editor is same for adding all content to WordPress.

Images are added to WordPress posts from the WordPress editor while you are creating a WordPress post or editing a WordPress post or page. You can do this by clicking on Add Media button in the WordPress editor.

adding image to wordpress post

From the next window, there are basically three options for adding images to WordPress post.

  • By adding an image from a URL
  • Adding image from the existing images in?media library
  • uploading images from your computer

three options

In order to add image by URL, you will click on Insert from URL and on the next window you will add the exact URL of the image that you found on any website. (Be careful while using images from internet because of the copyright issues you might have to face later on. Only use those images which are either free to use or which you have the rights to use.) You can add a caption to the image, set its alignment and also add an alt text which is good for SEO. Once everything is done, you can then click on Insert into Post at the right bottom corner and the image will appear in the WordPress editor in your post.

add image by url


You can also add image from the already existing images in the media library. Similary you can add different attributes like al tag, alignment and image size etc from the right side bar in this case.

adding existing image


And the third option for adding image to WordPress posts is by uploading an existing image from your own computer. You can do this by clicking on Upload Files and then clicking on ‘Select Files’ button. Then choose the image from your own computer and add it to the post. And then set different attributes from the right side bar and finally click on Insert into Post button.

upload file to post


Select alignment and size of image from different options.

post alignment


selecting image size



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