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How to Add Contact Form to WordPress Easily

When you have a website, you naturally want it to be an engaging website. One of the easiest ways to increase engagement with your readers is to have a way for them to contact you via email. So how do you add contact form to your WordPress blog?

It is extremely simple, just like the wordpress itself. Most of the WordPress themes support this option. You can create a contact us page from within your wordpress theme if it supports so. For example, the Scheme Theme that we use at FastWpLearning.com offers this feature. All we need to do is create a new page and select the Contact Page option from the drop down menu at the Templates feature while creating the Contact Us page. It only takes this to create this page.



However, there are many themes, especially the free themes that do not have this feature. In that case, the solution is again very simple. You can use any of the Contact plugins and add a Contact page to your wordpress blog. One of the most popular such plugin is Contact Form 7. This is an advanced level plugin but at the same time easy to use. If you simply need to add a contact us page without any advanced features then you just install this plugin.

Here is the step by step guide for adding a contact page using Contact Form 7 plugin, which is one of the most popular plugins on WordPress and has been installed more than a million times.

Install the plugin and then activate the plugin. Consult our guide for installing WordPress plugins, in case you do not know how to install plugins.

Once you have activated the plugin, click on Contact>Add New. Add the title of your page and hit Save button in the upper right corner.




You will get a short code for the contact page. Copy this short code.


Next create a new page from Pages>Add New and paste this short code there. Give the title to the page as Contact Us. Hit the Publish button and the Contact page with Contact Form 7 plugin has been created.


contact form has been created

So you see how easy it is to add a Contact Us page to your WordPress blog.


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