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10 Beautiful Websites Using WordPress

As we know, WordPress has made life easier for non-geeks like me who can fire up a website in minutes without touching a single line of code. Currently, around 26 percent of the World’s websites are using WordPress. And some of the top businesses and leading websites have also realized the power of WordPress and are built with WordPress. Here is a list of 10 beautiful websites which have been created with WordPress as the CMS at the backend.

10 Popular WordPress Websites

  1. thisisFinland

It is a great website about the country of Finland, its people and life there. The site is maintained by Ministry of Forein Affairs Finland.


2. Brian Smith

The pulizter prize willing photographer Brian Smith mainatains a beautiful photography website powered by WordPress. The website is a powerful message to those running their websites on Flash to start using WordPress based photography websites.


3. The Herald Sun

The Herald Sun is the most popular news website in Victoria. The Herald Sun was created with the merger of The Herald and The Sun News. The news website is powered by WordPress.


4. Bloomberg Professional

One of the key elements of Bloomberg website has been built with WordPress. It has a professional design and provides information about the Bloomberg terminal.Arguably it is one of the best WordPress websites.


5. Microsoft News Center

This is the official news website from Microsoft. It provides the news as it comes from Microsoft. The power of wordpress is behind this official Microsoft website.


6. Vogue India

The Indian edition of best known fashion magazine Vogue is based on WordPress. It features culture, fashion, brands, parties and people from India.


7. Bata

The famous footwear and fashion accessories maker BATA has a WordPress based website. BATA has presence in more than 70 countires in the world. WordPress has become a choice for popular brands.

best wordpress sites

8. TechCrunch

The world’s most popular tech news website is also powered by WordPress. The layout of the WordPress is fluid and powerful enough to suit all kinds of sites, news blogs and websites included.


9. The Walt Disney Company

The official website of Disney is made with WordPress. Again the leading world company in entertainment and fashion is taking full benefit from the power of WordPress to power its website.


10. LinkedIn

The last of the best websites using WordPress is LinkedIn. The blog of the popular employee networking site has WordPress at the backend.



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